Switch To Great For Institutes

A unique strategic program designed by team with more than 15 years of experience in building great institutes. We have designed unique programs to strengthen three major pillars of building a great institute i.e. Faculty, students and processes. These unique program either individually or in conjunction with each other improves performance on almost every parameter like teaching quality, admissions, placements as well as institutes brand perception. We help you design processes which are in sync with key performance indicators outlined by global and national institutional rating and ranking agencies.

Our experts along with institutes leadership team help an institute build internal capabilities in student parent counselling, career guidance, academic excellence, academic placement and professional placement for the student.

Student Success Task force- A comprehensive & systemic program to ensure the success of every student on the campus. Career counselling for students based on their psychometric profile along with SWOT analysis. Personal effectiveness test to understand current effectiveness and then to switch to great bootcamp to help them become more effective and develop capabilities to achieve success in their desired walk of life.