Career Counselling

Switch to Great career counselling program has been designed specifically to help a student achieve true potential at every major academic milestone (8-10th, 11-12th, Graduation).
We not only help you discover the perfect career fit but also help you to inculcate skills, personality traits and mindset required to achieve your true potential.
Stream & Subject Selection
  • Accurately understand your talents, personality and interests
  • Get Personalized Guidance from industry experts
  • An all round evaluation
Career Selection & Planning
  • Discover Career based on your unique strengths & abilities
  • Mentorship from Top Experts
  • Making the right choice for career
Career Path & Development
  • Defining a Clear Roadmap for Career
  • Learn from Industry Experts to clarify doubts
  • Executing the plan to succeed
  • Step by step approach and guidance to fulfil your overseas education dreams.
  • Identifying the right college and career for you
  • Guidance on application and admission process
  • Facilitating connect with the colleges
  • Financial support either through scholarships or banks.

For Institutions

A unique strategic program designed by team with more than 15 years of experience in building great institutes. We have designed unique programs to strengthen three major pillars of building a great institute i.e. Faculty, Students and Processes.
  • Building Internal Capabilities like Student-Parent Counselling.
  • Career Guidance- Academic Excellence & Placements Processes.
  • Student Success Task force- Ensuring the success of every student on campus.

For Career Professionals

Define the pathways to professional success. 
S2G four steps to define, clarify and deliver results for your professional roadmap.

Step 1: Advanced Assessment & Best-Fit Matches

Gain a detailed understanding of yourself to get best-fit career or stream recommendations, with personalised development plans to help you improve. Our advanced assessment, developed through extensive research by India’s leading psychometricians, ensures the accuracy and validity of results.

Step 2: Personalised Guidance from Experts

Plan your career path through expert guidance from India’s top career counsellors. Our career coaches, with experience of mentoring thousands of professionals, will help you make the right choice through personalised career counselling and all-round support for all your queries.

Step 2: Personalised Guidance from Experts

Plan your career path through expert guidance from India’s top career counsellors. Our career coaches, with experience of mentoring thousands of professionals, will help you make the right choice through personalised career counselling and all-round support for all your queries.

Step 3:Adding stars in your CV

Pursuing a career path or changing it for a better life, get assistance on what is the next big thing in the specific industry and start preparing yourself for that plunge. Helping you to attain training or scholarships to be industry experts.


Why Switch to Great

Switch to Great program focuses on developing positive habits in the students, so that they set time bound goal posts which take them towards achieving their professional and personal goals. They learn the benefit of regimented documentation and objective analysis of your daily, monthly and quarterly goals, misses and successes is key to sustained progress and motivation. What differentiate this program is that rather than just giving philosophy, it contains workable methods to achieve your true potential.
Our main focus is to make students more Employable as per the Industry Demand & prepare them for their future.
This program helps achieve following outcomes for a participant:
  • Mental Focus - Most of the students lack concentration and use their mental bandwidth over unproductive tasks. With superior focus and concentration their can become effective learners
  • Physical Energy-- To achieve world class results one need to be at the top of her physical health. Inculcating a mindset of life athlete in the students.
  • Time Management - Helping students to learn prioritizing and managing time more effectively through better self management.
  • Personal Productivity - Making students effective learners and doers and unleashing their productivity to achieve 10 times more results.
  • Infinite Player Mindset - Developing a mindset for continuous improvement and having psychological immunity against stress, pressure and setbacks in life.

Why People Love STG/Testimonials

Career Counselling Program

Switch to great is a unique career counselling program that helps you achieve your true potential. In the world where so much of information is thrown at you, it can get confusing. STG helps you to make best career decision and sets you to the path of greatness.
Know more about the programs

Self Awareness

Aristotle very rightly said that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Switch to Great help students understand and define a clear career path by understanding their own talents, personality and aptitude. You are able to make confident and accurate choice of streams and colleges

Set Powerful Goals

Switch to Great program helps you to set and achieve powerful academic, professional and life goals. STG provides you a frame work that supports your journey towards Ivy League universities and great success in life.

Guidance & Mentoring

Each STG program participant is personally mentored by professionals from IIM Ahmedabad and UCLA certified global career counsellor. Program has been designed by professionals who understand value of being part of an Ivy League institute. Having years of experience in mentoring students towards global success, they make your path towards your dream institute lot easier and transparent.

Program Outcomes

This program is different from any other career counseling program on the planet. The program is based on the system which empowers you to develop internal capabilities where you can continuously improve on following key aspects:

Personal Development

You will be taken through battery of scientific psychometric tests and management tools to help you become conscious of strengths, personality, talents, values and needs. Then a comprehensive set of exercises are given which help you develop your key character muscles like will power, focus, humility and courage which are important for personal growth in every stage of life.

Social Development

Our unique concept of positive interdependence help you understand how to leverage your personality for positive social impact and make positive contribution in every community and organization you are part of.

Professional Development

We help you develop ability to articulate your strengths to the interviewer. Setting clear long term and short term goals. Developing powerful habits to stick to the path of professional success.

Impact of the program is long lasting, since it is based on continuous improvement and mentoring of the student. Each student is given a quarterly journal to note down daily, weekly and quarterly results and progress made in all the above mentioned aspects.