About Us

Our Vision

To help every individual pursue their personal greatness and achieve their true potential through self awareness and career awareness

What We Do

We help people at any stage of their career to make more informed and effective decisions regarding their career. What it means for a student is to find her own strengths, learning capabilities and choose right career stream. We provide continuous support in terms to choosing best colleges in the chosen streams, preparing the application to improve the chances of getting selected in your dream institute. Apart from this we help you inculcate qualities like courage, will power, discipline and creativity to help you realize your true potential.

How We Do

How we do it is what makes our program most effective career and life success program on the planet. Switch to great program is not just limited to telling you what to do in order to achieve your true potential. It is a comprehensive boot camp which helps you identify your true strengths, needs and values through comprehensive psychometric and aptitude testing. What is followed is detailed career and life counselling along with a customized scheduler to achieve your personal goals. Switch to great helps you build the routine and positive habits that make your goals achievable. Switch to great program is in sync with latest psychological research and ancient wisdom on achieving human potential and finding success and happiness in life. Self-awareness, Mentorship and Personal Grit are the three pillars of the program and most important ingredients of success at any stage and any walk of life. Switch to great program apart from helping you understand right career options, instils self-belief and capabilities to achieve your biggest goals in life

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals from IIM Ahmedabad and UCLA certified career counsellors with more than 15 years of experience in managing top institutes and mentoring thousands of students and professionals in top corporates. Helping every individual to achieve their personal greatness and true potential is our personal mission.