11th-12th Standard

11th-12th Standard

Switch to Great career counselling program has been designed specifically to help a student achieve her true potential at every major academic milestone (8-10th, 11-12th, Graduation) of her career. Switch to great not only helps you discover the perfect career fit but also helps you to inculcate skills, personality traits and mindset required to achieve your true potential.

This revolutionary program will help you not only measure your true potential but also achieve it.

The feeling of not performing at your peak brings a lot of discontentment and unhappiness in life. Despite the best efforts by edu-leaders and teachers students lack focus and clear sense of self and their goals. Despite best of intentions they lack industriousness and mental discipline to consistent work towards their goals. Switch to great program starts where a typical motivational session ends. The program provides a framework to participant towards understanding ones potential, talents and needs. It lets the participant understand their personal effectiveness and way to improve it continuously. This program combines modern research and wisdom of our scriptures to bring you to the peak performance of your mind, spirit and health.

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Key Outcomes

Accurately understand your talents, personality and interests

Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of True Success.

Stream Selection And Learning Effectiveness:

360 Degree Evaluation

  1. We help you identify right careers based on your personality, aptitude and interests.
  2. Research based  psychometric tests and management tools help you accurately understand yourself and make more informed career choices.
  3. Accurately identify the right stream by assessing your learning and career compatibility.

Get Career Guidance From Top Experts

We help you finalize right stream and subject combination to give you a head start
  1. Get a clear picture of streams and subjects you can excel in
  2. Understand the roles and career map based on the streams selected
  3. Know about the top colleges and entrance process based on the streams

Elevate Yourself To Next Level Of Learning Effectiveness

We lance you with tools and skills that make you an effective learner and better manage your time.
  1. Set powerful academic and life goals to achieve your personal greatness
  2. Switch to great life book ( practical hacks and unique scheduler to help you implement the plans effectively)
Develop your mental focus, time management skills and improve your productivity to achieve great results.

Program Offerings

Switch to Great (Self Awareness)

A career assessment and counselling program that has started thousands of students on the path of personal greatness, by making students understand their own self and define a clear career path. Program helps students become aware of the skills sets and traits required to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
  • Aptitude testing ( seven aptitude analysis)
  • Personality tests
  • Career inventory tests
  • 360 degree SWOT analysis
  • Comprehensive psychometric report
  • Right stream and career mapping
  • Recommended actions for continuous improvement
  • One face to face counselling session

Switch to Great (Boot Camp)

Switch to Great bootcamp is an IIM-Ahmedabad alumni Initiative focusing on helping students to realize their true potential. Switch to Great help students understand and define a clear career path by understanding their own talents, personality and aptitude. At the same time helping them develop skill sets and motivation to achieve the goals they set for themselves.With its focus on the student needs, its foundation firmly set on its Core Values and technology as a key driver, Switch to Great strives to enable people to realize their potential and make their dreams come true.

Program Details

This will be a three day intensive program with following components:

  • Program immersion and introduction
  • Self-awareness workshop and exercises
  • SWOT, Personal effectiveness score, finding your passion
  • How does your mind work
  • Understanding and developing infinite player mind set
  • Everyone has to be a leader
  • Being a life athlete
  • SMART Goal setting
  • Career Roadmap
  • Decision making
  • Negotiation skills
  • Quarterly Roadmap and journal
  • Career mapping and career inventory test
  • Making goals from should to must (visualization and verbalization)
  • Switch from poor to powerful habits
  • Positive interdependence
  • Having mentors
  • Switch to great Boot camp initiation

Switch to Great is also a simple and elegant solution to one of the biggest challenges Institutes are facing today in terms of giving professional and life skill training to students. This programs not just makes a student industry ready but also someone who contributes positively in a society. Switch to Great inculcates character muscles like courage, will power, industriousness and humility ina student which have always been admired in leaders. Students become more focused and industrious and start doing well in every aspect of their life. They become more respectful towards their teachers, parents and peers.

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Why Us

This program is different from any other personality development program on the planet. The program is based on the system which empowers a participant to develop internal capabilities where she can continuously improve on following key aspects:

  1. Personal Development: : Each participant is taken through battery of scientific psychometric tests and management tools to help them become conscious of their own strengths, personality, talents, values and needs. Then a comprehensive set of exercises are given which help them develop key character muscles like will power, focus, humility and courage which are important for personal growth in every stage of life.
  2. Social Development: Our unique concept of positive interdependence help participants understand how to leverage their personality for positive social impact and make positive contribution in every community and organization they are part of.
  3. Professional Development: Developing a very strong ability to articulate your strengths to the recruiter. Setting clear long term and short term goals. Developing powerful habits to stick to the path of professional success.

Impact of the program is long lasting, since it is based on continuous improvement and mentoring of the student. Each student is given a quarterly journal to note down daily, weekly and quarterly results and progress made in all the above mentioned aspects.

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