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Having the right college name in your resume is a huge factor in deciding the trajectory of your career path. Having a team of professionals from top institutes like IIMs, UCLA we understand the value of being an alumnus of a top institute. We not only help you identify the right career for you we also mentor you in every step of the journey towards joining your dream institute. Starting from identifying the right college, guiding on the application and admission process, facilitating connect with those colleges and helping you get the financial support either through scholarships or banks. We work with both students and guardians so the likelihood of you joining your dream college increases tremendously.

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Comprehensive Profiling & Application

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Applying for your dream institute overseas is a very exciting and also nerve wrecking process. A small mistake can make or break your application. On the other hand if application process is in sync with what institute is looking for in the candidate, it not only helps you to get your dream institute it allows you to get significant financial support through scholarships or on campus roles. Having a team from top institutes like IIM Ahmedabad and UCLA, we under the importance of having a top institute on your resume. Although there is no general formula for applying for a college as process differs from college to college and from country to country. So having proper guidance makes a huge difference in ultimate acceptance of your application and how much will it cost you. Below are some of the general guidelines you must follow if you want to apply for a good international college.

Know yourself

This ideally should be the first step towards taking any career decision. Most of the times lot of very bright students end up with the programs that do not suit their personality, interest and aptitude, thus do not achieve the success they could have achieved. Self awareness will help you understand your own talents, personality and interest. You will be able to make more informed choices on courses and colleges based on the kind of career and life style you want to have. Get a comprehensive career counselling session done before investing a lot of money on foreign education.

Select the course and colleges

First decide what you want to study and where. Based on your own vision for the future decide on few courses and colleges and give them a priority list. Choose program and specialization aligned to your goals and try for the highest ranked university in those programs.

Study the criteria and requirements for the programs

Do a comprehensive study of criteria and requirements for the program and university you are applying. Go through their websites, talk to experts or call the university if more clarity is required. Check on government websites or study councils about the criteria for admissions. It is important to pay attention to the deadlines to make sure that you don’t miss the admission or entrance exam deadlines.

Understand costs and financial help available

Studying in top international universities is very costly, so knowing your financial capabilities is very important. Cost varies from country to country and college to college and also program level and duration. Getting scholarship or on campus working opportunity can make a huge difference to your financial liability. Also understanding work rules for the students in the country makes a hug difference. Like some countries in Europe offer full scholarship in certain technology and science programs.

Create application timeline

Create a comprehensive time of the entire application process so that you don’t miss on any deadlines. Start the application process as early as possible, as getting into top global university requires preparing a complete profile. Understand academic and non-academic achievements play an important part in your selection. Have a mentor to guide you through the entire process.

Prepare for the relevant qualification exams like IELTS, GMAT, SAT etc

Based on the program, university and your country of origin you have to prepare for different qualification exams. Give yourself enough time to prepare well and find right guidance either online or offline to benchmark and improve your scores.

Build a comprehensive profile

Getting into a top global institute is not just about academic achievements. Your extra curricular activities including achievements in sports, cultural activities and social work plays a huge role in your final acceptance. What makes you stand out of thousands of applicants, has to be highlighted. How your achievements showcase that you will be the right brand ambassador for your institute is what institutes are looking for.

Get your SOPs and letters of recommendation drafted

Institute wants to understand what are your motivations for joining the program. Top institutes will require you to articulate that in a brief statement of purpose (SOP). Understand SOP is not your brief CV, it is your vision for yourself and how the program or institute will help you achieve it. Getting it right is very important. Ask your teachers or employers to write you a letter of recommendation (LOR). Give them enough time to write a meaningful and well articulated LOR. A compelling LOR goes a long way in giving you an edge in your application as it is the third voice on your capabilities.

Interview Preparation

Last stage of selection in some institutes is interview. Prepare well for the interview. Get a comprehensive list of FAQs, write the answers and get them wetted from expert. Do lot of practise interviews simulating real conditions. A great interview can get you a huge edge in the final selection. Use your strengths like humour etc and always try to lead the interview.


It is very important that you maintain a complete dossier of the relevant documents like certifications, mark-sheets etc. if any of the document issued is not in the English language, get them translated well in time. Get them authenticated from the relevant authorities. Speak to the officials for complete clarity. Understand visa process from an expert and start the application well in time.

Destination immersion

Finally once you are close to final selection start knowing about the destination you are going. Understand weather, language, living costs, eating habits of the destination. Understand if you have certain eating limitations, where will you find the right food locally. Try to get in touch with alumni of the institute from your region, their experience could be of great help. Also speak to international student office and student body of the institute for smooth transition to the new destination

International College Application

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  • Complete Psychometric Test (Aptitude, Personality, Career Inventory, SWOT ) 3 hours
  • Overall Application Strategy
  • Profile Evaluation & Gap Identification
  • Profile Analysis & Profile Building
  • Test Preparation Strategy
  • Activity Profiling
  • Application Storyline Building
  • Statement of Purpose (Drafting & Review)
  • Course Shortlisting & Selection
  • Recommendation Letters (Drafting & Review)
  • A Career Counselling Session with Parents and student 45mins
  • Handouts on New Age Career
  • Academic Progress Supervision
  • Interview preparation
  • Personality development program
  • Preparation on Most frequently asked questions in the interview/top university
  • Supplemental Essays (Drafting & Review)
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Major-Minor/ Elective Selection
  • Mock Interviews
  • Detailed discussion on self improvement and tips to handle
  • College Shortlisting & Fitment
  • Application Essays (Drafting & Review)
  • 360 degree Analysis based on individual’s Career Report
  • Group discussion preparation
  • Resume (Drafting & Review)
  • Application Review
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume Writing
  • Profile Building
  • SOP Writing
  • LOR writing
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