Ultimate Guidance for Stream Selection After 10th

Are you confused about choosing the right stream after completing your 10th class?

Pointless to say, after passing class 10th, every student must have some questions affecting them. A few questions are: “What after 10th?”; “Which stream should I select?”; “What are the different courses after 10th?”; and most importantly, “Which stream and subjects to choose for 11th and 12th?”

Those questions will pop up from time to time whenever you reach an important milestone in your life. Many students find this question very frustrating and intimidating if they are unclear about their career ambitions or how to get them. Well, calm yourself down; you have landed at the right place.

Let Switch to Great help you with a quick guide on choosing a stream after the 10th class that caters to a successful career and brings out your passion for the subject.

Ask yourself these questions before deciding on the stream:

  • What are my interests?
  • What is my aim in life?
  • What subjects do I like the most?
  • Do I need to see a career counselor?
  • Should I take help from my seniors/parents/teachers?

What streams are we talking about here?

A student can choose from three streams of study after getting through Grade X. Here’s a look at the different streams and their career options:

  • Arts Stream: The Humanities/ Arts stream has become popular as several students have started opting for it recently. The stream offers a detailed study of subjects like History, Geography, English, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, etc.
  • Commerce Stream: Commerce is the right stream for you if you take a fancy to dealing with and analyzing vast chunks of data, are good with numbers, and are interested in studying finance and economics. The students study Business Studies, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, English, and Accountancy, in this stream.
  • Science Stream: The most popular option, the Science stream, best suits students who want to opt for careers or courses in pure and applied sciences. Sometimes, the students can study biology and Mathematics in their intermediate, but this depends solely on the available resources. Some career options for those who belong to the Science stream are Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Forensic Science, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, etc.


Choosing the right stream makes a significant improvement in one’s career path. All the subjects have benefits, so you must opt for the issues after clearing your career goals. There is no good or bad stream, and many opportunities exist in every field. One needs to take the right step to build a successful career in the future.

So, take your time to decide, and do not rush to conclusions. Reach out to our good career counselors, and we will guide you in selecting the best stream that fits your interests to embark on the next stage of your academic journey correctly.

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