A Career Guidance Destination for Students

Switch to Great has professional and experienced counselors that help identify professional goals, enable the student to make wiser academic decisions, and give personal guidance to help choose courses that perfectly fit your career or personal purposes. We help students map their abilities, personalities, and interests, enabling them to explore and discover their potential. 

Choosing the right job: our experienced career planners help identify and align the student’s potential with the right career choices. We offer career guidance services for students who want to change their career path or choose the right course. 

How online can career counseling help?

Switch to great offers of online career counseling, which empowers students with the latest career updates and a career roadmap for the future. Our platform makes career counseling accessible to those who need it most on the ground.

The different stages when online career counseling can be taken: 

  • Career Counselling for 10th class to find out the best subject streams after 10th and the most suitable career path
  • Career Counselling for 12th students to find out the best career option after 12th and education road map
  • Career Counselling for Graduates to find out the best career option after graduation with higher studies education road map. 

Why Do Students Need Career Counselling?

All student requires career guidance at some point in their life. It helps us get a vision of ourselves, our careers, and what we will do to enhance them. Here are some ways in which career counseling helps us:

Helps Pick The Right Career Fit

Career Counsellors are specialists at assessing your aptitude, identity, interests, and other aspects of you. They use this evaluation to suggest the simplest career options from all the available and relevant opportunities.

Helps Gain Confidence And Insight

Career Counselling helps an adviser understand the hurdles in their career path. This data helps to develop the confidence to overcome these hurdles. A good counselor must provide insight and enthusiasm to the counselee.

Helps Change Unwanted Behavior Patterns

Students have habits that are hard to interrupt, like procrastinating, not keeping updated on the newest developments in their chosen career paths, ignoring emotional and mental health, not trying to self-motivate, etc. A Career Counsellor helps break such behavioral patterns that cause unproductive activities at home and in school/college/work.

Helps Bring Stability In Thought

Career Counsellors can facilitate your remain calm when making a career decision. Counseling helps cause focus and maintain that focus throughout our activities. They struggle to make your life more organized through proper scheduling and planning.

How can Switch to great help you? 

“What am I passionate about?” “What am I going to be?” These are the most challenging questions one has to face when one decides to pursue higher education. 

Don’t worry; Switch to Great is here to help you.

Students don’t need to search numerous websites for information. All the information published in the Switch to Great portal is updated monthly. We aim to provide the best career counseling in India at the most affordable prices near your location and reach students who need career counseling the most.

Get in touch for more info about career guidance for students. 

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